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Calling all heroes!

Updated: Jun 8

October 8 is National Hero Day so this Friday5 features a few of the good guys and gals.

Leading - Congratulations to my friend, Jennifer Jones. She's about to take the helm of Rotary International and become the first female President in the organization's 116-year history! Here's Jennifer's TEDx talk (video below). #Shero

Gifting - Last December, twins Gianella and Luna Gonzalez from Kansas, wrote down what they wanted for Christmas and tied the list to some balloons. Their mother didn't expect the balloons to travel far, but they were found by a hunter in Louisiana 650 miles away. Alvin Bamburg was able to locate the family and sent the girls a Frozen doll, a Spider-Man ball and candy--all but one of the requested gifts. Then he drove to Kansas to deliver that one last present--a puppy. Watch the story on KSLA news. Surviving - Charlie Plumb was a "Top Gun" in the Vietnam War. Five days before the end of his tour, Plumb was shot out of the sky on his 75th combat mission and captured by the North Vietnamese. He endured torture and unspeakable atrocities as a Prisoner-Of-War for over six years. I was fortunate to be able to interview Captain Plumb on the Talk to Me podcast. Watch the video (below) on my YouTube channel and subscribe, if you'd like.

Self-helping - Heroes do things that others are unable or unwilling to do, but know you can be your own hero. Self-rescue is not only rewarding, it helps you be a role model for people who want to help themselves. More tips in this article. Timing - Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that a hero is not braver than an ordinary person, but she is braver five minutes longer. Watch my two-minute tribute to heroes (video below).

Now go be a hero to someone!

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